Toi Rangatahi Toi Ora

CACTUS (Combined Adolescent Challenge Training Unit & Support)

CACTUS is a physical training, activities and self-discipline programme that supports young people to reach their potential through building their fitness, self-esteem, and confidence. 

It is run during the school term for anyone aged between 10-14 to learn about physical fitness, teamwork, and discipline. CACTUS is a physically and mentally challenging course that is designed to motivate rangatahi towards individual and team achievements. 

Each course is followed by an overnight camp and, at the end of the year, an advanced camp is held for selected participants that have performed well during the CACTUS programme. 


Who runs CACTUS?

The CACTUS programme is run by a team of committed and trained instructors who design courses to maximise the benefit for each trainee. Our staff aim to ensure that each participant works hard towards their goals. 

CACTUS is not a punitive or counselling programme. Parents are encouraged to support their children in the programme and are able to drop in at any time to view the CACTUS sessions.

For more information on this service, please email us via our contact form.